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Medical Work Experience – A Guide

Medical Work Experience – A Guide

Why do I need Medical Work Experience? Work experience is essential for getting a first-hand understanding of what working as a doctor is actually like. Like most professions portrayed in the media, practising medicine is a world away from shows like ER and...

Becoming a Doctor Later in Life: UK Edition

Becoming a Doctor Later in Life: UK Edition

  Applying for medicine can be a daunting task at any age. Not everyone decides to pursue medical school at 18 and many delay the decision to become a doctor until later in life. Thus not everyone's route to medical school is the same. You may have already...

What A levels do you need to be a doctor?

What A levels do you need to be a doctor?

'What A-levels do need to be a doctor?' is one of the top questions we receive in our inbox here at Acrosophy. Of course this is only part of the larger question of the general entry requirements for medicine but it is likely the first one you will consider. As...

BMAT Revision Tips: The Ultimate Guide

BMAT Revision Tips: The Ultimate Guide

Are you sitting the upcoming BMAT exam and feel overwhelmed by the amount of learning you need to do? Acrosophy has gathered all the best resources for the BioMedical Admissions Test. If you are also sitting the UKCAT then make sure you leave time to revise...

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