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Medical Work Experience – A Guide

Medical Work Experience – A Guide

Why do I need Medical Work Experience? Work experience is essential for getting a first-hand understanding of what working as a doctor is actually like. Like most professions portrayed in the media, practising medicine is a world away from shows like ER and...

Will your A level Exams be Microchipped?

Will your A level Exams be Microchipped?

For the first time in the UK A-level papers are to be microchipped this summer. This is in an effort to combat the recent rise in leaks from exam boards that have led prosecutors to consider criminal charges. In the modern era of social media and instant...

Will Brexit delay A levels?

Will Brexit delay A levels?

With the first deadline of the Brexit deadline just two days away on March the 12th, there is worrying news for A level students and university applicants. The Times Education Supplement have been informed by a source that A level exams and GCSEs could be...

Avoid these Time-wasting A level Revision Techniques

Avoid these Time-wasting A level Revision Techniques

  If you feel the exam period rapidly approaching then you are probably looking to switch your revision up a gear. As the pressure mounts however even the best students get tired. It is all too easy to start habits and ‘revision techniques’ that are actually...

When to Start Revising for A levels

When to Start Revising for A levels

A levels are a big step up from GCSEs. Everyone may think they already know how to revise but the question of when to start revising for A levels remains. A mountain of knowledge compared to previous exams, anyone wanting to do their best in their A levels will...

UK Student Loan Repayment Calculator

UK Student Loan Repayment Calculator

When it comes to being in debt, the wisest thing to do is to pay it off due to interest accumulating over time. The common sense approach to debt is to reduce it as quickly as you can manage so you reduce the amount extra that you pay back to the lender. In the...

BMAT Score Conversion Chart

BMAT Score Conversion Chart

After sitting the BMAT, the next thing on every student's mind is their BMAT score conversion. The desire to know how BMAT marks will convert is so sought after there have actually been a large number of Freedom of Information Act requests directed at various...

What A levels do you need to be a Pharmacist?

What A levels do you need to be a Pharmacist?

  Pharmacists form the backbone of our health care system in the UK today. Alongside doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals they deliver medicine alongside offering patients health advice on everything from smoking cessation...

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