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uhKROHsohfee noun

Etymology: from Ancient Greek “ákrοs” (highest, topmost) and “sophía” (wisdom, knowledge).


  1. The philosophy, practice, or pursuit of the highest wisdom or knowledge.
  2. A system or methodology focused on achieving the pinnacle of knowledge, understanding, or wisdom.

Usage: Often used to refer to a guiding principle in educational or learning.

Acrosophy was created as the online extension of an education business that formed in 2007, while the founder Dr Shane McKeown was still at medical school.

Working for 5 years as an admissions tutor for a new sixth form college, he devised UCAS-recognised diplomas preparing students for university. This included courses specific to healthcare, Oxbridge and other high competition applicants.

The sixth form went from a new startup to the best school in the country during his time there, and Dr McKeown saw each of his students gain entry into some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

After graduation he concentrated on his medical career, with rotations in both medicine and surgery at several Centres of Excellence. His work with students moved online, providing application guidance to medical school applicants in both the US and the UK.

Over the past years he has also provided medical consultancy to a variety of online health publications and startups.

Focus has since moved back to building a complete online platform for all UK university applicants with a speciality focus on Oxbridge and Healthcare students.

At Acrosophy we believe our method of preparation for university provides students with the tools and ideas to produce work that is both unique to themselves and allows them to stand out from the masses.

We provide a range of services to cover the full spectrum of the application process, from deciding on the best path for pupils to providing interview techniques and entrance exam strategy. Any service run by Acrosophy is designed with pupil development in mind, requiring participation and engagement and rejecting the spoon feeding mentality.

We are committed to fair access to education, if you receive financial aid you may be eligible for a discount on our services including subscription.

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