How to Show the Best Version of You

First and foremost, relax.
Tackling each step of your personal statement methodically will ensure you miss nothing and present everything in the best possible light.

When you begin going into the details of what you want to include, remember to always be honest and never exaggerate. It is much easier to write clearly and enthusiastically about something that has actually happened, rather than constructing what you think the reader wants to hear. 

Universities may pick up on a stretching of the truth, leading them to doubt your application as a whole. Probity, the quality of having strong moral principles, honesty and decency is of high importance at any university so make sure you don’t stumble at the first hurdle.

Your tone and writing style is more important than you think and will shape how you bring together all you have to say. You are competing against those who have put maximum effort into their application so make sure to concentrate on this point as you write. Various chapters throughout the workbook go into fine detail about the topic and should be held in your mind as you write your first draft.

Concentrate on what you truly find interesting and remember at the end of the day you are writing all of this to show why you are the best candidate!


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