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Welcome to the Internet’s largest collection of personal statement examples for university


These personal statement examples are submitted by our students and collected from other sources.

These personal statements are not complete, peer reviewed, or otherwise approved by Acrosophy. Some have been submitted to UCAS but for outside sources we cannot confirm this. These sample personal statements should be just that, examples of what can make a good personal statement for university and UCAS, not directions on how to write a great personal statement.

How to use personal statement examples

Step 1 Have a read through at least 3-5 sample personal statements. The more the better.

Step 2 What similarities or themes do you notice? Write these down.

Step 3 What overused phrases or cliches keep getting used? Avoid using these.

Step 4 Which essay in your opinion is the best example of a good personal statement? What makes it stand out so much?

Step 5 Do not copy anything from any personal statement example – it’s the quickest way to get barred from applying to university by the anti-plagiarism software.

Step 6 In case you missed Step 5, don’t copy anything! That includes turns of phrase and specific wordings. Even if the software doesn’t catch you, you will put the admissions team to sleep if your personal statement is just like everyone else’s.

Step 7 Think about what themes and angles have been used to attract the reader’s attention. How can you use your own experiences and achievements to get a unique angle or motivation for your chosen course and career?

Step 7 Take a look at our guide on how to write your personal statement – from beginning to end.

Step 8 Need more help? Get in contact for advice or to get your personal statement reviewed by an admissions tutor.



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