Exercise Five – Concluding

Your conclusion is a reaffirmation of everything you have just written and a positive look towards your own future and aspirations


You will condense down your reasons for wanting to pursue your chosen field and concisely restate the evidence showing your desire to excel and achieve entry onto the undergraduate program. Once you have reminded the reader of the high points of your extracurricular activities, you can then go on to confirm how your history makes you the right candidate.

Look back at the work you have just done for the introduction. There are actually some similarities to the content as you are confirming again with the reader your interest and determination. Now you have the opportunity to reflect on these in light of the bigger picture and what can be accomplished in the future.

Although not essential, it is good to show some interest in a niche or specialist field. Do not say it is your definite field of choice, that would only make you seem presumptuous and naive. Simply state an active interest and perhaps name a journal or news article that you have read regarding the same topic. This demonstrates active self-directed learning which is an excellent prognostic sign. 

Universities want students who go above and beyond the curriculum and reading around the subject makes you likely to have a better and more complete grasp on what you are learning.


Final Thoughts

After giving evidence of the qualities you have, can you say which you think are most important? Why?


How do you hope to contribute to this field in the future?

Broadly speaking, what are your aims after graduation from university? How will the course help you achieve your goals?

Why are you excited to be studying this course?


Can you say in one sentence how your curricular and extracurricular life have molded you into being the right candidate for the course?


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