Exercise Six – Constructing your Statement

Now that you have a solid start to the three main sections you have to put it together so it reads as a seamless essay


Once you have it all on one page don’t get too hung up on keeping sentences stuck in their respective paragraphs. 

You may find that parts of your introduction or main body act as natural bridges, bringing together several points or topics at once. Don’t be afraid to bring these sentences together, if something reads better or just makes more sense in a different section, just move it. 

This style of presenting your statement as a natural whole really sets apart the reading experience when compared to repetitive list style statements. These come across as rushed or simply poorly written, regardless of how well structured or thought out the individual content is. Before starting this final exercise you should read Chapter 10 and have an idea of the final checks to minimise corrections in the future. 

If you have been working at your statement fairly consistently, now is the time to take a break to clear your head . Then you can come back and take a fresh look at all the work you’ve produced. Refresh your memory by going through the initial chapters again before finally bringing all your thoughts together.


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