Exercise Three – Elaborating

Now we flesh out the ideas presented in the last two exercises

Write a few sentences or a paragraph about each experience and quality that you have linked. Look in more detail at similarities between the two. 


The key is to reference the experience, demonstrate what you have learned from it, and then contrast that with your future role.


To try and keep your work as concise as possible always start small and end big. So if you have one quality that is highlighted through various extracurricular activities, talk about that one quality and how it relates to your course and career first; then support it with reference to the related experiences. If you write the other way around you end up going into unnecessary detail on each hobby or interest just to showcase a single quality. Then you have to go on further still to relate this back to your career choice.

Again, if one unique work placement or hobby has given you multiple insights that simply haven’t been had elsewhere then it is right to go into some detail here rather than it being an afterthought and describing all the qualities first. In the end, these ideas are meant to be evidence to the reader that you can fulfill the university student role you are applying for to a good level.

Below is a table with space for 10 links. You should not be limited to this table and your items on the list do not all have to be unique. For example you could have Teamwork & Class Project and Teamwork & Athletics Training if they both show strong and differing examples of your ability to work well in a team.





Link 1


Link 2


Link 3


Link 4


Link 5


Link 6


Link 7


Link 8


Link 9


Link 10


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