Who do you want to become?

Many applicants are stuck in a school-like mindset and try to sell themselves to the admissions team in that way.

They think of the most important achievement in their school career and talk about that the most, a little bit less about the next biggest achievement and so on until they feel they have covered the most important points. While you may have achieved a certain grade or award, it is as important to show that you have a well rounded approach to your application.

By highlighting areas of knowledge and skill relating to your university career and beyond you show in the first instance that you understand what will be required of you in the future. Too few take the time to think of what may be required beyond good grades. 

A quick search will put into words the person specification of each potential career. This will make listing the qualities expected of applicants to your course for the exercise on the following page much easier. For example, the GMC (General Medical Council) which governs doctors, has official documentation of the qualities and duties of a doctor. 

One the statements says doctors should “carry and accept ultimate responsibility for our actions.” If applying to medicine, you would want to find an example in your own life when completing a task, either on your own or as part of a team, the responsibility of the outcome rested solely with you. This is much more meaningful to the reader than simply copying the quote above or even referencing the fact it exists. If you have already experienced or gone through what may be expected of you in your career, this will inherently imply that you are already qualified, at least in part.


Before moving on, think about and research the ideal candidate for your course and career, starting with the person specification or qualities listed in a course description as discussed above. Write a summary of what they would have achieved inside and outside of school.

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