Personal Statement – Is it important?

With all the hard work that goes into A levels, are personal statements really that important?

Every year thousands of hopeful university applicants wait with bated breath for A level results day. But the fight for each place begins well before the summer holidays prior to university.

On average 75% of students will manage to gain entry to university the first time around. What this statistic doesn’t tell you is how many get their preferred uni or course.

Getting a place on the best courses not only requires good A level results but an amazing personal statement as well. In fact, personal statements are one of the best ways of getting ahead of the very crowded competition.

Your UCAS application should be an impressive reflection of you and your achievements. What does your personal statement say about you?

Competition Ratios 

So what do universities do with your predicted grades and personal statement considering the number of good applicants?

Firstly, they calculate the probability that you will get your predicted grades. They must make this calculation because underfilling their courses will lose money for the university. Overshooting their estimation will lead to crowded classes and a lack of resources per student.

Then they review your personal statement. The statement that they read will not change and gives them something human in your application to relate to. 

Universities not only want you to excel in the course you have chosen, they want you to contribute to the university at large. If your personal statement doesn’t communicate that you can do this with ease then you risk damaging your chances of success.

The more well rounded you are, the more they will believe that you have something great to bring to the overall university experience. An applicant who has an empty life, brings no contribution to their school, social circle or even their own self will struggle to get the place they want. 

Getting A and A* grades in isolation is meaningless as you can be sure the next applicant has similar grades but fills their extracurricular time with meaningful activities. 

But of course, if you cannot communicate all this information in a way that sounds like it is written by an aspiring doctor then you are doing yourself a disservice.

A well written and clear Personal Statement can therefore push you to the top of the pile, giving you a vital edge over the competition. 

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