BMAT Section 2 – Assumed Knowledge Guide

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Written By Dr Shane McKeown

Welcome to the Acrosophy Guide for BMAT Section 2.

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After reading about the complexities of Section 1 you will be glad to know that Section 2 is a completely different story. As the title suggests this part of the BMAT exam looks at assumed knowledge.

Assumed knowledge should mean that no further revision is required to answer any questions that are set! Obviously you will not want to risk a good score by not revising but the time spent looking at this section shouldn’t be too tiresome.

Test Specifics

BMAT Section 2 lasts for just 30 minutes but you have 27 questions to answer in the time. That means you want to have all that knowledge fresh and at the forefront of your mind. The questions are evenly split across the disciplines with slightly less emphasis on maths.

The core components of Section 2 are the three sciences and maths combined. You may want to look over old notes and revision books but remember not to miss out one of the four subjects if you haven’t studied them to A-level standard!

Several unofficial websites have come up with their own study guides. At Acrosophy we are here to add value to your learning, not subtract or confuse from what is already out there. If you have paid for the BMAT already then you can access their official syllabus here.

If you haven’t signed up yet or just want a quick reference we have laid out below the most up to date BMAT Section 2 Assumed Knowledge Guide.


Heat and Temperature

Waves and their Effects

Energy & Force


Other Applications of Physics

The Atom and Radioactivity



Chemical Concepts

Products from Rocks

Carbon Chemistry

Classifying Materials

Equations and Calculations

Chemical Change

Reaction Rates and Energy Changes

Chemical Analysis and Electrolysis

Water, Pollution and Energy



Cells and Cell Processes

Organs and Organ Systems

nerves, Hormones and Homeostasis

Genes, Reproduction and Evolution

Energy Flow


Applying Your Knowledge

If you haven’t gone through the past papers listed here then you should do so now. This is the fastest way to highlight weaknesses you will need to concentrate on when running through the assumed knowledge of Section 2. We recommend this method as it reduces the time wasted going over large volumes of information.

With limited time left until the examination you want to concentrate on where you can increase your marks the most.