Officer Dismissed for Falsifying GCSE Result: A Hard Lesson in Bad Grades

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Written By Dr Shane McKeown

In a story that’s got everyone buzzing, a police officer has been shown the door after fibbing about his maths GCSE grade.

This tale of tall tales is a timely reminder of the importance of GCSEs, especially Maths and English. So buckle up, kids – this is why your teachers always tell you to study hard!

PC Kye Smith, our math-challenged officer from Bodmin, found himself at the centre of a disciplinary whirlwind that spun out of control last month (25 April).

The panel, after much deliberation, determined that PC Smith hadn’t been playing by the rules, and had let his “honesty and integrity” slide.

The intrigue began when PC Smith applied to join the Devon and Cornwall Police force as a constable back on 6 May 2019. He proudly declared he’d bagged a Grade C in maths GCSE.

Yet, plot twist!

He later learned that he had flunked his ‘maths function level 2’ exam.

Now, here’s where things start to get a little messy.

When PC Smith signed on the dotted line to join the force, he promised to keep the recruitment officer updated about any changes in his declared circumstances. But, he seemed to have forgotten that little detail and didn’t mention his failed level 2 maths exam or the mix-up with his GCSE results.

The recruitment officer, wanting to get to the bottom of things, asked for Smith’s maths level 2 Certificate. Smith, however, played the old switcharoo, sending only part of the table he had received, implying that he had aced the course.

On 4 April 2022, the truth finally bubbled to the surface. Smith confessed to his inspector that he’d failed and planned to take the exam again.

Chief Constable Will Kerr was not amused.

He pointed out that Smith had many chances to come clean but chose not to. The Chief Constable said, “The public deserves higher standards than this. PC Smith’s repeated failure to admit that he did not hold a maths GCSE qualification at Grade C is seriously uncool.”

So, why is this a big deal, you ask?

Well, GCSEs in maths and English are more than just letters on a report card. They’re like tickets to a world of opportunities, including a ton of jobs, A-levels, and university degrees. And as PC Smith learned the hard way, honesty about your achievements is just as important.

So, kids, let’s hit those books and remember – it’s not just about passing the tests, but also about maintaining our integrity along the way!

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