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Acrosophy has been built from day one with the pupil and their application in mind. Formed initially when the founder was an admissions tutor at one of the top independent schools in the UK, it is based upon over a decade of experience. Under the guidance of Dr Jackson year after year students gain interview and acceptance onto competitive courses at Oxbridge, Russell group universities and more.

This experience has been translated into an online service offering workbooks, teaching and downloadable guides. A variety of services are offered to both members and non-members alike with premium guides, online ecourses and a learning management system (LMS) reserved for paying subscribers. Our LMS helps pupils track each part of their application and provides an overview of the learning they have done with us.

Members of Acrosophy and school bookings receive considerable discount on services we provide, including both seminars and one to one tuition. A full personal statement workbook is again provided to members but also to any attendees of a school-based personal statement workshop. Regardless of university or course we support pupils before they form their application right up until the day of interview and can assist both parents and students with difficult decision making.

We are committed to fair access to education, if your child or pupil receives financial aid they may be eligible for a discount on our services. For more information get in contact with us here.

Services We Provide

Membership to our online platform

Subscription to Acrosophy gives members a host of benefits including access to our personal statement workbook, member forums, discounts and priority booking of teaching.

Personal Statement

We provide both group seminars and one to one teaching on how to write a strong personal statement. For those who have already started their work we run an editing and proofreading service which is carried out by doctors and admissions tutors.

Entrance Exams

We currently run one day courses for the BMAT only covering each section in detail, going over exam technique and solidifying learning with a mock test at the end of the day. Each student then receives feedback on good results and areas in need of attention. For those unable to make the group sessions one to one teaching is also available.

Interview Preparation

Our Interview training day is split into two parts. Teaching and discussion of important topics is backed up by technique in the morning. The afternoon session is split into groups based on staff availability and mock interviews carried out with feedback.