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The journey to a successful university application begins with your personal statement.

Personal statements are now skimmed rather than fully read, meaning you need to stand out more than ever.

Getting the required grades makes you eligible for a course, but it is your personal statement and interview that land you the place.

An overwhelming majority of degree applicants get the same grades, make sure the admissions team know why they should pick you.

A survey of admissions professionals has found that on average, officials spend two minutes reading personal statements.

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Why trust Acrosophy?

When the admissions team can’t choose between applicants, they look closer at each personal statement.

Our personal statement service draws on 16 years experience of successfully writing UCAS statements for the most competitive courses and prestigious universities in the UK.

  1. Years of Excellence: With over 16 years under our belt, we’ve successfully guided students from diverse backgrounds, including international and mature students, to top-tier UK universities.
  2. Comprehensive Review: Our service isn’t just about proofreading. We delve deep, ensuring every line of your statement is optimised, polished, and resonates with admissions criteria.
  3. Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you opt for standard or express, our commitment to quality remains the same.

The Process

  1. Submission: Place your order, and we’ll promptly request your draft.
  2. Provide Details: Share relevant information by answering our brief questionnaire.
  3. Review & Revise: Receive a meticulously edited statement, accompanied by a PDF of comments and suggestions.
  4. Stay Connected: Benefit from 10 days of email support for any follow-up queries.

Order your Personal Statement Review Now

While we don’t have strict prerequisites, it’s essential to provide us with substantial content.

Given the 4000 character limit, a submission of at least 2000 characters is recommended to avoid extensive back-and-forth.

Our free 45 page Personal Statement Workbook contains everything you need to create a strong and compelling first draft.

Get your Personal Statement PDF Workbook!

What’s included

For each personal statement service we review the:

  • Core structure
  • Tone & essay flow
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Beginning sentence and conclusion
  • Potential or subtle weaknesses

We then move onto making the necessary edits to fix any issues found.

This includes basics like spelling and grammar up to essay restructure and rewording.

We check that all the core components for your course specific statement are present before moving onto flow and tone.

A consistent and confident tone is integral to presenting yourself in the best way for the admissions team.

Edits and suggestions are made along the way along with markup so you can track changes that are sent back to you.

If significant sections are missing or need replaced we will outline the best path for this in our feedback.

The personal statement service includes a detailed report for your convenience.

Your Report

We return the statement with analysis and feedback, with edits and suggestions recorded for you to review.

These suggestions are outlined within the document we provide and can be confirmed or rejected as you see fit.

If confirmed they will be automatically added to your statement.

This helps you retain more control over the finished product that you submit.

More significant changes and additions are supplied via a PDF with clear guidance on where best it would fit in the personal statement.

If we believe that whole sections are not found in your essay we advise on which to prioritise and include.

We will however not write whole missing sections for you.


Confidentiality agreement is a standard for us.

We never use sections of submitted work as examples unless we receive your express permission.

Plagiarism checks – all work is passed through CopyScape.

If any significant sections of your work flag up we will highlight this to you as a matter of urgency.

Never showcase your personal statement online before submission as you could end up being wrongfully accused of plagiarism.

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