Personal Statement workbook

It all starts with your personal statement for medicine.

More than ever, this 4000 character essay is becoming the deciding factor in university admissions.

Medical school applicants are all gifted, we can help you stand out from the crowd.

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REad & think

As well as direct instruction there is plenty to think about in our workbook. Reflect on the introductory chapters over before moving onto the tasks.



Armed with the proper insight and information, you can now contruct a personal statement that impresses the medical school admissions team.

written by doctors and admissions tutors

The team at Acrosophy is comprised soley of doctors and admissions tutors who have been helping students gain entry to medical school since 2007.

Our workbook takes you through the core structure of your personal statement whilst also highlighting common areas of weakness in even the strongest candidates.

What’s INcluded

Why is your Personal Statement so important?
How To Use This Workbook
The Best Version of You
Writing Tone
Balancing Language
Start at the Middle
Who do you want to become?
Final checks

More than simply directing students to collate their experiences and achievements, our personal statement workbook strives to highlight the future doctor in every candidate. Since 2007 our workbook has helped guide even struggling students so they can confidently compete in the world of medical school applications.

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