Exercise Four – Back to the Start

With the introduction you need to convey strongly and confidently the beginnings of your desire for the subject and how this has grown through your life

Avoid making too grandiose a statement as this will come across as insincere. Above all, be honest; the admissions staff will be able to tell in most cases.

While you want to say what interests you specifically, it can help to describe how you see the subject as a whole, and how it has a larger impact and importance on the world around you. Applicants to architecture can talk about new societal pressures from overpopulation, economists can talk about the growing idea of Universal  Basic Income etc.

This sets the stage for your level of interest and understanding. Giving a mature, global outlook on your subject gives a sense of what you hope to contribute to and why you feel a continued attraction towards the course. Giving a personal outlook allows you to demonstrate a lifelong passion which continues to strengthen.

Sometimes speaking in an abstract way about why you are interested in a particular topic can come across as muddled simply because the feeling is innate. Rather than worrying about sounding over the top or over enthusiastic start by thinking of indisputable facts and then go on to explain why you admire those aspects. For example ‘without the study of X, the modern world would not have life-saving medicine / law and order / high speed transport / knowledge of topic Y’. This could then lead on to explaining how the impact of this field on your life triggered your interest in studying it.



How has your chosen subject field affected you as a person?

Was there an event or story which first made you interested in this area? (avoid cliches like a sick pet/relative making you want to be a vet/doctor for example)

How has your chosen subject field affected the world around you?


Which of your studies do you think most prepares you for this course and why?

Are there any extracurricular activities which also reflect what you will be doing at university?


Why do you want to do this course as opposed to the most similar and/or related course?


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