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Ever felt the calling to return to education after some time away? Inspired by the prospect of expanding your knowledge, improving your skills, or changing your career trajectory?

If so, becoming a mature student could be your ideal journey. This empowering decision opens up a world of new possibilities, equipping you with the opportunity to learn, grow, and transform your life at any age.

This course is an introduction to the world of higher education in the UK for mature students. It offers a practical guide to the ins and outs of returning to or starting education later in life, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities experienced by mature students.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the application process, with particular emphasis on the UCAS system, and an insight into the different types of qualifications available. The course also covers the important academic skills necessary for success in your chosen study, from effective study habits to academic writing and critical thinking.

Financial considerations are a significant part of this course, addressing the costs associated with higher education, various funding options available, and how to navigate them. It also pays special attention to balancing your studies with personal responsibilities, such as work and family commitments.

Moreover, the course will help you understand how to build a supportive network within your institution and the value of university resources, tutors, mentors, and student services. Lastly, it provides guidance on career planning and employability, including tips on preparing your CV and leveraging your status as a mature student in the job market.

Overall, you can expect to finish this course feeling confident and prepared to embark on your academic journey as a mature student in the UK.

👍 When writing a personal statement: Highlight your passion for the course, demonstrating your understanding of it. Use relevant personal experiences, coursework, or work history to showcase how these have fostered your interest and readiness for the course.

UK Internships and Work Placement

There are many opportunities for internships and work placements in the UK, depending on the type of organisation and type of work involved.

For mature students, there are a variety of organisations that offer internships and work placements. For example, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) offers internships for mature students in the charity sector, which involve working with charities to help them achieve their goals. Additionally, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) offers internships and work placements for mature students in the accounting and finance industries. These internships involve working with accountants to gain experience in the sector.

In terms of the type of work involved, internships and work placements can involve a range of tasks depending on the organisation and industry. For example, internships in the charity sector could involve research, fundraising, and communications, while internships in the accounting and finance sector could involve financial analysis, auditing, and tax preparation.

Overall, there are a variety of internships and work placements available for mature students in the UK, depending on the type of organisation and type of work involved.