Exercise Two – Prioritising Experiences

This exercise is designed to assist you in prioritising your experiences the right way, not just in the order that seems most impressive

Two columns are laid out side by side, the first column is headed ‘Qualities’ with a few suggestions filled in. In the boxes below, list 3 to 5 core qualities that you have found from your person specification research if they are not already included. Then in the boxes on the right, list in descending order (most to least important) experiences and achievements. 

You will then need to draw a line between the relevant qualities and achievements. For example, playing a musical instrument can be linked to being creative, evidence of dedication if you have reached a high grade and more. It is important not to stretch core qualities, e.g. trying to link teamwork and winning a chess competition simply because you practice with classmates.

Linking critical thinking ability and chess is a much more believable correlation, and therefore will have much more impact when you write about it. Teamwork as another example is best expressed when you can clearly define your role and how that benefited others in the team.

In the end you will notice that some experiences link to multiple qualities, whilst some only link to one. When planning your essay it can be useful to prioritise those experiences that have the most links on this list, as those clearly had the strongest contribution to your desired growth.

These qualities, achievements and experiences will make up the main body of your work. After expressing your desire to study a certain subject in the introduction, these paragraphs will tell the reader why you are the candidate to pick. Here for them to read will be a discussion of your best, and perhaps more importantly, most relevant experiences that demonstrate your interest and proven ability to excel in your chosen field. 



Experiences and achievements




Organisational skills


Attention to detail

Critical thinking



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