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BMAT Section 1 Tips

BMAT Section 1 Guide

If you are applying for biomedical science or medicine chances are you will have to take the BMAT. This first article guides you through Section 1, giving you a better understanding of the BMAT section that students often find the most difficult.

BMAT past papers

BMAT Past Papers

We know the importance of practice when it comes to exam revision. While you may be smart enough to get the grades required for university entry, the BMAT is a different type of test. Luckily, tests of IQ like the BMAT are actually teachable despite what people may report.

CV Personal Statement

CV Personal Statement

Any application whether for a job or university rests on how you come across to the admissions team. You can have the best marks and results known to man but if you present poorly they will not want you to come onboard.

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