What is a Foundation Course at University?

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Written By Dr Shane McKeown

A foundation course is part of the UK University admissions system for international students. It allows those who do not have UK school qualifications to qualify for and meet undergraduate entry requirements. These are a great choice for any student as they provide intensive teaching in three key areas to prepare you for life at a UK university:

  • English language preparation
  • Learning and examination skill building
  • Core subject teaching

Not only do they cover all these integral topics, but the whole course fits into only two or three terms. This means you can catch up to the level universities are looking for in less than one academic year. We think these courses are an excellent choice for any student from overseas so we have listed a few more benefits you want to know about:

Formulated just for International Students

Studying in a foreign country can be a daunting task. Luckily foundation courses have been designed to ease the transition to British culture and university life. Core to the design of these courses is their ability to give prospective degree students the academic ability and confidence to do well in their chosen course. This should help reduce at least in part some of the anxiety associated with studying in the UK.

Get Up to Speed

Academic qualifications vary fairly significantly around the world. Even with the sciences which are agreed internationally, there is still different emphasis placed on sub-topics. At the end of school life this could mean you know a fairly different body of knowledge compared with other students from different countries. A foundation course at a UK university will ensure that any gaps in your knowledge that have not been covered by your country’s curriculum are filled in. This will allow you to concentrate on your degree material rather than having to revise school level subjects yourself.

Solidify your English

While you may have great conversational English skills, it can be a little different once you start studying and learning complex, technical terms. In fact, trying to keep up with a higher level of English can be the most worrying part of studying in the UK. Degree level material being taught to native speakers can be difficult to fully listen along to, not ideal if it means you are missing out on teaching. Luckily foundation courses are provided understanding these potential issues. Specialist academic English is taught at each ensuring you will be well equipped for future degree level teaching.

The Best University Preparation

How better to prepare for university life than attending one? When you go on to study your degree you will already have plenty of hands on experience at the university foundation course doing the type of work that is expected of undergraduates. Not only that, you will have time to settle into UK life and all the cultural differences that that may bring. This will also give you time to network with other like minded students and older foreign students who will likely be more than happy to help you discover UK university life.

A Guaranteed Place at University

When asked what is a foundation course at university this can be the first point that some people mention. No small wonder as gained a place at a UK university is not an easy task. Gaining entry on a foundation course however will guarantee your progression onto the degree provided you acheive the required grades.

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